Unbeating heart

My heart might've ceased beating years ago, but it still feels.


It’s wondrous, if I must be honest. The bond with my lovely boys reaches extents no human could ever fathom alone. Drinks sound divine, I’d be honored to have you in my home. I see no reason in being selfish. The happier my pets are, the better they taste. Bitterness on the tongue is never enjoyable. I’d rather drink from the sun than the ashes of hell. No thanks needed, it’s my pleasure. I’ve claimed Andrew Kane and Xander Locke, the two most handsome male pets in the society.

I’d be delighted to share a drink with you. And you’re one of the few who think that. I’ve encountered vampires who think fear and pain is an elixir and love to inflict it upon their pets before feeding. I’ve seen them around. Never had the opportunity to talk with them, but I agree with your statement, they’re both incredibly handsome. If I may be so forward as to comment on what a sight it must be when you play with them. All that beauty, a sight to behold I’m sure. 


I have two, yes. Challenging? Not in the slightest, it’s delightful. Though, I was careful as to not choose pets who fear me. I take care of my boys and they take care of me. It’s truly a win-win. I’m glad you’re back and ready to relax. You know, if you ever need any help relaxing, I wouldn’t mind in the slightest. If you ever needed or wanted to feed from my pets, I’d not mind. So long as you ask them.

I see, that must be great to have that sort of bond with them. Thank you, it’s good to be back. And you know, I might take you up on that offer. Perhaps we can have some drinks later tonight. And you’re most generous Jacks. Unlike many of the masters and mistresses here. Thank you. But I must ask, who are these lucky boys of yours? 


If you say so, Aaron. I believe you I’ve been around, but it seems you’ve been quite busy. I have been really well, thank you. Just enjoying time here and my pets. I haven’t a single complaint. Are you well?


I do. And I have been, but now I’m ready to spend some time in the Society and just relax. That’s good to hear you’re enjoying your stay here. And pets? You have more than one? Is that challenging?  I am doing well thank you. 


Did they teach you flattery where you come from, love? You’re an expert at it.

I was simply speaking the truth. But how are you Jacks? Haven’t had the pleasure of seeing you in a while. 


Simply beautiful.

Are the words that should escape your lips every time you gaze into a mirror. 


Who volunteers for this to happen, oh right me.


There were delays…

And it extended my trip far longer than anticipated. But I’m back, and I see new faces around. 

It’s been a long week

I need a drink, though I don’t know what I’m craving more right now.