Unbeating heart

My heart might've ceased beating years ago, but it still feels.


It’s wondrous, if I must be honest. The bond with my lovely boys reaches extents no human could ever fathom alone. Drinks sound divine, I’d be honored to have you in my home. I see no reason in being selfish. The happier my pets are, the better they taste. Bitterness on the tongue is never enjoyable. I’d rather drink from the sun than the ashes of hell. No thanks needed, it’s my pleasure. I’ve claimed Andrew Kane and Xander Locke, the two most handsome male pets in the society.

I’d be delighted to share a drink with you. And you’re one of the few who think that. I’ve encountered vampires who think fear and pain is an elixir and love to inflict it upon their pets before feeding. I’ve seen them around. Never had the opportunity to talk with them, but I agree with your statement, they’re both incredibly handsome. If I may be so forward as to comment on what a sight it must be when you play with them. All that beauty, a sight to behold I’m sure.