Unbeating heart

My heart might've ceased beating years ago, but it still feels.

There were delays…

And it extended my trip far longer than anticipated. But I’m back, and I see new faces around. 

It’s been a long week

I need a drink, though I don’t know what I’m craving more right now.

Well, I’m told the fire’s been contained

Dowe know who’s responsible for this?

I see new faces around

Hello and welcome to all. Name’s Aaron Hartley, now don’t be shy, introduce yourselves. 

Evening everybody

How are you guys doing?

So many new faces

How does one apologize

If the person you’ve wronged can’t even stand to look at you?


It seems formal events

 Bring out the scandalous nature of people.

Good morning

I trust everyone is having one at least. And that you share my excitement for the night’s events.